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304 1/2 South State Street,
48104 Ann Arbor,
Phone: 866-639-2377

NEXCESS.NET was founded in 2000 as a customer service oriented web hosting company. By starting small, and limiting growth to a steady and manageable pace we were able to build a solid foundation for our hosting business. This foundation was built mainly on our staff's software engineering knowledge and the bulk of our internal and external systems were written in-house. Integrating third party software with our own to optimize our business practices became second nature as we continued to grow our client base.

Our focus is our clients and this will never change. We will continue to morph our business as our client's needs change as we've done in the past. We'll also continue to diversify our offerings to cope with what the market will bear. Our software development wing is picking up speed with the InterWorx Suite? at the forefront. Our web hosting business is moving in new directions to satisfy new markets. While ?busy? has become the NEXCESS.NET word of the day we will try to do one thing regardless of what's on our plate, and that's have fun.

Hosting Plan(s)
Plan NamePriceDiskspaceBandwidthPlatform
 Mini-Me$6.95500 MB15 GBLinux/Unix
 Smart Start$11.94750 MB25 GBLinux/Unix
 Gettin Hits$16.951 GB35 GBLinux/Unix
 NexResell 1$18.952 GB30 GBLinux/Unix
 Small Biz$21.952 GB50 GBLinux/Unix
 NexResell 2$30.954 GB60 GBLinux/Unix
 Big Biz$41.955 GB75 GBLinux/Unix
 NexResell 3$48.956 GB90 GBLinux/Unix
 NexResell 4$60.958 GB120 GBLinux/Unix
 Mad Hits$66.9510 GB125 GBLinux/Unix

Update: 2006-08-21


IX Web Hosting $6.45/mo
  • 400GB Diskspace
  • 2500GB Bandwidth
  • Host 8 Domains
  • PHP Perl CGI SSI
  • MySQL PostgreSQL
  • 3 Free Domain For Life
  • Additional costs for Windows plan + $2.50:ASP/.NET, Cold Fusion, ODBC/DSN, MSSQL

PowWeb $7.77/mo
  • 300GB Diskspace
  • 3000GB Bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Load Balanced Technology
  • DNS Management
  • PHP4/5 Perl5 CGI SSI MySQL
  • Daily Backup

HostGator $9.95/mo
  • 100GB Diskspace
  • 1000GB Bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • CPanel
  • Instant Backups
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30 Day Money Back

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